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CoaXPress version 1.1 guide line released

JIIA CoaXPress working group has released ”JIIA CXPR-005-2014 CoaXPress Guidelines v1.0 to v1.1 Migration” which gives advice on the key differences between CoaXPress v1.0 and v1.1, and in particular on how to make Hosts complying with v1.1 which can also support operation with v1.0 Devices.

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Lens Mount Standard has been revised

JIIA Lens Working Group has revised the lens mount standard from “LE-003-2008 NF Mount Standard and Operational Regulations” to “LE-003-2014” as Systematic Review.
In this revision, the technical specifications are not changed, but we applied a style that is current with JIIA’s standard forms, and reviewed both Japanese and English terminology within the document.

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CLR-001-2014:Active PoCL cable power feed requirements

JIIA Camera link Working Group has been improving the CL Standard to promote the business of CL products in the machine Vision market.
Though the CL interface is a digital interface with high bandwidth, the maximum length of CL cable is not long enough for some customers.
Then, we would like to recommend the active cable to solve this problem.
This report is technical notes and advice for designing the active PoCL cable, especially, regarding power feeding to active circuit.

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