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Laser Line Metrics Guidelines Final Draft(Draft 0.9) has been released

Lighting WG has released the Final Draft (Draft 0.9) of Guidelines “Laser Line Metrics, For use in machine vision and metrology applications.”

The intended purpose of this document is to provide a consistent framework for measuring and reporting vision laser performance metrics. This document will be enacted in the end of November 2016. If you have any questions, opinions and proposals, please visit our “Contact” Web site and send your message any time.

CoaXPress Standard version 1.1.1 has been released.

CoaXPress Working Group released “CoaXPress Standard ver1.1.1” Revised on Dec 29,2015.
v1.1.1 has a limited number of changes to clarify some points in the v1.1 specification. The main clarifications are: The Discovery section details, Pixel format naming and The bootstrap registers that should be listed in the XML file are now indicated.

JIIA Stanadard Download Area

Lens Mount Standard has been revised

 JIIA Lens Working Group has released “LE-006-2016 NF-J Mount Standard and Operational Regulations”.
 This document describes the specifications of the lens mount of the image sensor corresponding to “Class II” Image size (4 ~ 8 mm diagonal).
 This mount keeps high interchangeability with “NF Mount” as in LE-003, and is designed to improve the accuracy in alignment (the optical axis deviation) with a fitting part which is implemented in the vicinity of a screw thread.

JIIA Standard Download Area
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