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Laser Line Metrics Guidelines Ver.1.0 written in both English and Japanese

 Lighting WG released Guidelines Ver1.0 of “Laser Line Metrics, For use in machine vision and metrology applications” in 2016.
 This version is written in both English and Japanese. There is no change in English sentences.

 The intended purpose of this document is to provide a consistent framework for measuring and reporting vision laser performance metrics.
 If you have any questions, opinions and proposals, please visit our “Contact” Web site and send your message any time.

Lens Mount Standard has been revised

JIIA Lens Working Group has revised the lens mount standard from “LE-004-2011 TFL Mount and TFL-II Mount Standard and Operational Regulations” to “LE-004-2017” as Systematic Review.
In this revision, the technical specifications are not changed, but we reviewed both Japanese and English descriptions within the document.

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