CoaXPress Products

CoaXPress Products



CoaXPress Ver.2.0 has been released.

CoaXPress WG has released the latest revision “CoaXPress Version 2.0”.
Its speed doubling up to 12.5Gbps data stream with 41Mbps control uplink per cable. Micro/HD-BNC newly support to make flexible configuration of application. CoaXPress keep support fastest sensor in the world and easy configuration with new functions, such as image tag, or Chunk control.

JIIA Stanadard Download Area

IIDC2 Ver.1.1.0 has been released

IIDC2 WG has released the IIDC2 Digital Camera Control Specification Ver.1.2.0 as new version.
New functions, such as Chunk control, are included in this version. And Controlling Lighting devices are also included. Using this version, integrating the image processing system with lighting devices becomes easier.
You can get a free copy form JIIA standards download page.