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CoaXPress Products



Lens Mount Standard has been revised

JIIA Lens Working Group has revised the lens mount standard from “LE-006-2016NF-J Mount Standard and Operational Regulations” to “LE-006-2021” as Systematic Review.
In this revision, the technical specifications are not changed, but we reviewed both Japanese and English descriptions within the document.

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CoaXPress Standard Version.2.1 has been released

 CoaXPress WG has released latest version of CoaXPress version2.1. The headline change of version 2.0 was the doubling of speed, of both downlink (12.5 Gps per cable) and uplink (so faster triggers) with HD-BNC, MicroBNC and BNC. And now updated by supporting Gen<I>Cam GenDC to gain a usability of the interface.

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CoaXPress over Fiber Bridge Protocol version 1.0 Guideline has been released

 CoaXPress working Group has been released CoaXPress over Fiber Bridge Protocol Guideline.>
This document defines the CoaXPress over Fiber concept based on a physical medium topology and on a series of rules to map the CoaXPress protocol to the interface of the Ethernet physical layer. Based on these rules, a CoaXPress to Ethernet Physical Layer bridge (CXP-PHY bridge) is specified to allow the CoaXPress protocol to be transported over available existing Ethernet components without the need to establish new fiber components for the CoaXPress standard

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