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About the Committee

Chairman of the Governing Committee

Setsuko IWATA, Micro-Technica Co.,Ltd.

Statistical Working Group

“It will be necessary to hold a market trend of various countries area and market size as accurate as possible to promote the international standard of technology. We will take the same approach as the Automated Imaging Association (AIA) in North America and the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) in Europe to be in line with both of associations. Statistics on not only Japan but also all Asia market will be our serious undertaking. Now that we have been coming to non disclosure agreement with companies in which each member is engaged, we will come up with framework to collect detailed data from companies.”, said Hideki NAKAZAWA of JAI Corporation.

Intellectual Property Working Group

“JIIA declared that they would promote the global standardization for Industrial Vision technologies as a big picture when JIIA was formed. The standardization embedded advanced technologies has a set of a lot of intellectual property. Now that there are other associations outside Japan having a leadership in areas of camera technology, we have to carefully check to see the trends and emerging intellectual property. And it would be necessary to take any and all steps and all things to do a decision making and better operation on new standard created from JIIA in the best interest of JIIA. This Working Group has a role to play in formulating the rules of activities in JIIA and in putting them into effect.
For this reason, we will discuss the way of thinking from companies on their intellectual property and give them the idea of JIIA and intellectual property developed in JIIA. We will collect many ideas and eventually summarize the principle of the JIIA with regard to the intellectual property.”, said Yasukazu TANABE of JAI Corporation.

Public Relations Working Group

“This Working Group manages and operates not only the web of JIIA and mailing lists among members, but also public relations effort which is intended to disseminate information outside our associations. And our undertakings include our booth entry for appropriate exhibitions and shows, and seminars to be in the best interest of JIIA. There are in this Working Group three companies of the publishing company, and administration & planning offices for an exhibition joining through which we go campaigning for our standardization together and fairly.”, said Sachio KIURA, Director of Secretary-general of JIIA.