CXP 規格対応製品

VC Series
by:Vieworks Co., Ltd.
VC CXP series is a high speed industrial area scan camera equipped with the latest CMOS image sensor. With new CoaXPress interface, customers in the industrial market can take advantage of common coax cabling to transmit full resolution images at up to 25 Gbps. Supplying power to the camera over the coax cable is also available via Power over CoaXPress (PoCXP). With its high reliability and durability, these cameras are best suitable for applications requiring high speed continuous shooting.

Main Features
  • - High Speed 4/12/25 Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor
  • - Electronic Exposure Time Control (Global Shutter)
  • - Strobe Output
  • - Output Channel
  • - VC-4MX: CXP6x1ch,
  • - VC-12MX: CXP6x1ch, CXP6x2ch, CXP6x4ch
  • - VC-25MX: CXP6x2ch, CXP6x4ch
  • - Gain/Black Level Control
  • - Temperature Monitor
  • - Field Upgrade
  • - Image Correction
  • - Flat Field Correction
  • - Defective Pixel Correction
JIIA CXPR-001-2011 Electrical Compliance Test Specification for JIIA CoaXPress Standard (2011-10-28)
Test report No. CXP-ECTR-2015113016 Date 2015.11.30

JIIA CXPR-002-2011 Interoperability Compliance Test Specification (Interoperability CTS) for JIIA CoaXPress Standard ver 0.3 (2011-10-20)
Test report No.CXP-IOTR-2014032608 Date 2014.3.26