CXP 規格対応製品

Predator CoaXPress Frame Grabber (KY-FGP)
by:KAYA Instruments
"Predator is a low-cost Frame Grabber supporting CoaXPress standard. The Predator is capable of receiving video streams from up to 4 CoaXPress links in single, dual and quad modes. Used for simultaneous capture from up to two dual link or four single link cameras or a single quad link camera. Each link supports standard CoaXPress bitrates up to 6.25 Gbps. This CoaXPress frame grabber is ideally suited for industrial, defense and aerospace Machine Vision Systems and applications. The Predator can easily receive video streams on the CoaXPress links and transmit them to computer memory through the PCIe interface. This product also provides GPIO for machine control signals such as triggers, shaft encoders, exposure control and general I/O, which can be controlled aside the video stream acquisition.
The Predator uses standard DIN connectors as a CoaXPress interface to the camera and standard 100 mil headers for general purpose I/O. The frame grabber utilizes PCIe Gen2 x4 links for communication with Host PC for video uploading and configuration."
"JIIA CXPR-001-2011 Electrical Compliance Test Specification for JIIA CoaXPress Standard (2011-10-28)
Test report No. CXP-ECTR-2015113002 Date 2015.11.30
JIIA CXPR-002-2011 Interoperability Compliance Test Specification (Interoperability CTS) for JIIA CoaXPress Standard ver 0.3 (2011-10-20)
Test report No. CXP-IOTR-2015120303 Date 2015.12.3"