CXP 規格対応製品

Xtium2-CXP PX8
Quad: OR-A8X0-XPX40
Single: OR-A8X0-XPX10
Dual: OR-A8X0-XPX20
by:Teledyne Dalsa
Board Type PCIe
Host Bus PCIe Gen 3.0
Camera: 4 x Micro-BNC (also known as HD-BNC) (6 x Micro-BNC ready)
Compatible with CoaXpress 2.0
Pixel Clock N/A
Transmission Rate CXP 1 Gbs through CXP 12.5 Gbs
Bits per Pixel Mono: 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16-bit, RGB: 8, 10 or 12-bit/pixel/color, Bayer: 8, 10 and 12-bit/pixel
GPIO DH60-27 on main bracket
Frame Buffer Up to 2 GB

The Xtium2™-CXP PX8 series is based on the industry standard PCI Express™ Gen 3.0 and CoaXPress ver 2.0 to transfers image data to the host memory at maximum acquisition rates. The Xtium2-CXP series takes full advantage of PCIe Gen 3.0 platform using PCIe x8 slots to deliver bandwidth up to 6.4GB/sec into the host memory while supporting image acquisition from up to 4 CXP12 input channels (12.5Gbps per channel). The Xtium2 CXP series is available in three configurations:
JIIA CXPR-001-2019 Electrical Compliance Test Specification for JIIA CoaXPress version 2.0 (2019-7-24)
Test Report No. CXP-ECTR-2022093001 Date: 2022/9/30

JIIA CXPR-002-2011 Interoperability Compliance Test Specification (Interoperability CTS) for JIIA CoaXPress Standard ver 0.3 (2011-10-20)
Test Report No. CXP-IOTR-2022100604 Date: 2022/10/6

version 1.1, 1.1.1,
2.0, 2.1