About the JIIA

The Aim of the JIIA

Japan Industrial Imaging Association (JIIA) is a Japan-based organization fostering technological innovation of industrial imaging, promoting a global community for organizations related to industrial imaging, thereby contributing to development of industrial imaging worldwide.

Japanese industrial imaging companies, covering a wide range of categories, such as industrial cameras, input devices, image processors, image processing software, optical instruments, lighting equipment, measurement and analysis machinery have a large share of the global market. Their technologies’ position is high and important in the global market and thus JIIA is looked upon to act as a leading developer of industrial imaging technology.

JIIA aims to:

  • Disseminate international general standards in Japan
  • Build a network with international organizations
  • Provide a Japanese platform for standardization
  • Promote Japanese products to the global market

Main activities:

The purpose for which the Association is organized is:

  1. To establish and foster standards of advanced industrial imaging technology.
  2. To study and research international, cross-sectional standardization of industrial imaging technology.
  3. To conduct seminars and lectures and exchange information on industrial imaging.
  4. To disseminate information from meetings related to standardization.
  5. To conduct market and technical trend analyses of the industrial imaging industry.
  6. To organize and support conferences and other events related to industrial imaging.
  7. To engage in activities ancillary to the foregoing.