The history of JIIA

In September, 2005 several members from Japan’s camera makers, board manufacturers and system integrators discussed the establishment of standardization group such as the AIA and EMVA.
Subsequent to that meeting, the number of members increased and a committee to start preparations to form the Japan Industrial Imaging Association (JIIA) was created. Information about this committee was announced at the International Technical Exhibition on Image Technology and Equipment in December 2005 and in various trade journals. It was formally established at the general meeting of members at KKR Hotel Tokyo on March 27, 2006.
Establishment funds for were raised from member corporations, and registration as a limited liability cooperative non-profit corporation was completed on April 18.
Activity plans and the 2006 annual budget were approved and committee and subcommittees started their activities at the first general meeting of staff members held at Pacifico Yokohama on June 6.

September,2005 The establishment of a standardization group is discussed.
October, 2005 The preparatory committee for establishing a standardization group is launched.
November, 2005 JIIA rules, such as Articles of Association, are decided by the preparatory committee.
December, 2005 The establishment of JIIA is formally announced in various journals and seminar.
Seminar about the trend of standardizetion is held at ITE show.
March, 2006 JIIA is started formally by a general meeting of members.
The secretariat is located in Meguro-ku, Tokyo.
April, 2006 Registration as a limited liability cooperative non-profit corporation completed.
June, 2006 The first general meeting of members is held. Committee and Subcommittees started activities. The first Subcommittee meetings were held.
July, 2006 The second Subcommittee meetings are held.
December, 2008 Transitioned to a general incorporated association.
November, 2009 Concluded G3 agreement on standardization coordination with AIA and EMVA.
June, 2013 The secretariat is moved to Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.
October, 2014 IVSM hosted by JIIA is held in Yokohama.
December, 2018 The number of member exceeds 100.
April, 2022 Become a member of ITU-T.
June, 2023 The secretariat is moved to Minato-ku, Tokyo.