2022/11/4 Report

Lens Mount Standard has been revised

 JIIA Lens Working Group has released “LE-007-2022 (T/CMVU001-2021) CFL, CFL-II and CFL-III Mount Standard and Operational Regulations”.
 This document describes the specifications of the Large Format lens mounts of the image sensor corresponding to “Class IV” Image size (31.5 ~ 50 mm diagonal), “Class V” Image size (50 ~ 63 mm diagonal), and “Class VI” Image size (63 ~ 80 mm diagonal).
 Also, Lens Working Group has revised the lens mount guidelines from “LER-004-2010 Recommended Mechanical Interfaces Applied for Each Image Size Classification” to “LER-004-2022”.
 This revision reflects the latest market trends and newly established lens mount standards.

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