CoaXPress Products

CoaXPress Device IP Core for FPGA
by:Sensor to Image GmbH
- Compatible with AMD 7 Series (and newer), Intel Cyclone 10 devices (and newer)
- Preliminary compatibility with Microchip PolarFire
- Compact, customizable
- Speed support from 1 Gbps to more than 50 Gbps
- Delivered as working reference design
JIIA CXPR-001-2011 Electrical Compliance Test Specification for JIIA CoaXPress Standard (2011-10-28) Test report No. CXP-ECTR-2012060405 Date 2012.6.4
JIIA CXPR-002-2011 Interoperability Compliance Test Specification (Interoperability CTS) for JIIA CoaXPress Standard ver 0.3 (2011-10-20) Test report No. CXP-IOTR-2011121201 Date 2015.4.27