CoaXPress Compliant Product Certification Program

To register a product as a compliant CoaXPress product and use the CoaXPress distinctive registered trade mark logo, the following registration procedure has to be taken. After completing the procedure, the applicant will be licensed to use the logo. The product which passed every required tests is posted on the list of the CoaXPress compliant products. Please refer to the JIIA_CXPR-003 concerning the detailed regulations.
(Caution)The entry for the version 1.x product test has terminated. Now the entry only for version 2.x is available.


Rules for the use of CoaXPress logo

After completing the following product registration, JIIA gives the applicant the license to use the CoaXPress logo under certain conditions. The applicant is allowed to use the logo for promotion purpose except using on the product. Other than applicants is required to apply for the use of the logo in accordance with the JIIA trade mark regulation.

Product Registration Procedure

Product Registration

Any G3 members can register the products regardless of whether the products take compliance tests.
The applicant will be licensed to use the logo on the registered product for 12 months, however, have an obligation to pass all of the required test within this 12 months. The applicant is required to submit the agreement on this to JIIA when applying the product registration.
As for pre-registered products, the applicant is required to ensure that the product is compliant in addition to the agreement stated above.
The registration fees are a one-time initial charge for each product to pass the compliance test.
The registerd product will be posted on the list of the compliant products by JIIA with its registration number after it passed all of the required tests. The registration number is administrated with the compliant version of standard. The applicant is allowed to mention the registration information in the product catalog pages and licensed to use the CoaXPress logo without limitation.

Applications: CoaXPress Application Form

Registration fee

Registration fee – JIIA or AIA or EMVA members
Host, Device 50,000JPY Cable 30,000JPY
Registration fee – Non JIIA,AIA,EMVA members
Host, Device 100,000JPY Cable 60,000JPY


What is PlugFest

JIIA organizes PlugFest which is a series of vendor-neutral events not only to provide Interoperability text and to promote the improvement of compliant products and the standard uniformity.

To participate in a PlugFest

To participate in a PlugFest, pre-registration is required as a rule. No charge to participate.
The participants with pre-registration will be given priority for the test, although it is possible to participate in the test on the day without pre-registration.
PCs and monitors will be prepared by the organizer. However, it is strongly recommended that each participant prepares necessary equipment oneself to start the test without taking the time to setup.

Schedule of PlugFest

Informed at JIIA HP.
Please contact the secretariat or Working Group for the detail.

Entry to PlugFest

Please apply from the CoaXPress Application Form.

Electronical Compliance Test

Every electronical compliance test has to be conducted in accordance with the test method accredited by JIIA.

Accredited Test

JIIA accredits test methods. The test method accredited at present is MOT which Agilent Technology Japan offers in Japan.

Self test

The result of the test following the accredited method will be certified as an official one in case it fills defined requirements.

CoaXPress JIIA Electrical Compliance Test (ECT)

You can take the Electrical Compliance Test for CoaXPress Certification at Headquarters of the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute (TIRI).
For taking a test, you will pay the fees for the dedicated software and equipment needed for ECT which will be rented by JIIA, administrative fee and the usage and service fees for TIRI which will be charged hourly.

Please apply from the CoaXPress Application Form.

Costs for the test (not including consumption tax)

Rent fees for dedicated equipment
JPY50,000/day for JIIA member
JPY100,000/day for non member
Administrative fee
Usage and service fees for TIRI
about JPY30,000 a half day (quotation as you go)

Joint ECT hosted by JIIA

JIIA organizes the Electrical Compliance Test several times a year in Japan. Overseas firms can join the ECT.

Schedule of Joint ECT

Informed at JIIA HP.
Please contact the secretariat or Working Group for the detail.


Please apply from the CoaXPress Application Form.

Interoperability Test

About Interoperability Test

The products, which Host and/or device manufacturers prepared, are tested connectivity with each other in accordance with the testing list. An observer will confirm every test result and judge whether the product is compliant with the standard.
Interoperability Compliance Test Specification GenICam compliancy of CoaXPress is confirmed by checking GenICam GenTL Interoperability Test Report items.


Technical Supervisor of JIIA is present at a witness. Sometimes he/she will designate someone to serve as a witness on his/her behalf.

Test Report

Every test result will be recorded on CoaXPress Interoperability test sheet.doc and GenICam GenTL Interoperability Test Report and reported to the witness.