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FireBird series
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FireBird CXP Single
by:Active Silicon
The new FireBird series brings the full power of CoaXPress to high speed imaging applications in a range of markets such as machine vision, defense, medical and life sciences. Utilizing the next generation (Gen2) PCI Express interface and supporting 32/64-bit versions of Windows 7/Vista/XP, Linux, QNX, VxWorks and Mac OS X.
JIIA CXPR-001-2011 Electrical Compliance Test Specification for JIIA CoaXPress Standard (2011-10-28) Test report No. CXP-ECTR-201112120501 Date 2012.2.3 JIIA CXPR-002-2011 Interoperability Compliance Test Specification (Interoperability CTS) for JIIA CoaXPress Standard ver 1.0 (2012-03-12) Test report No. CXP-IOTR-2011121201 Date 2011.12.12