2023/08/24 Info

Organization renewal

We are pleased to announce that Masahito Watanabe was elected as New Chair of our board at the annual meeting held on June 13, 2023.
If you are interested in reading his inaugural address, please take a look at here.
In addition, Setsuko Iwata, Tsuneo Sakuma and Keiji Munezuka were chosen as Vice-Chairs, and Toshiaki Iwata was nominated to be Secretary-General. For two years to come, the board will consist of fifteen directors, three auditors, and two advisors. Please see here.

We are aiming to improve JIIA's function so that it may provide more information to members, as well as boost communication and interaction among them. In this way, we have decided to merge the Steering Committee into the Secretariat and the Standardization Committee. Please see new organiztaion.
As you may know, it has been playing a great role since JIIA's establishment. Regarding the continuation of the activities of the Steering Committee, please see here.
In order to succeed in its mission, we will reinforce the Secretariat and the Standardization Committee with more players and networks.