Steering Committee

From 2023, the Steering Committee was progressively integrated to the Board of Directors, the Secretariat and the Standardization Committee.
JIIA will continue to carry out activities related to intellectual property rights, statistics, public relations, and Collaboration with other organizations, which we have been doing as a steering committee.


JIIA's founding philosophy is to promote the global standardization of image technology. These advanced technologies are a collection of many intellectual property.
The activities of the Standardization Committee include technologies led by overseas organizations AIA and EMVA, and it is also necessary to examine the content of their intellectual property. In addition, new technical standards from JIIA need to be determined and operated in consideration of the intellectual property of each member company.
This subcommittee decides the direction of JIIA's standardization activities while analyzing information on many intellectual properties in Japan and overseas.

Intellectual Property

At JIIA, it is important not only to promote the international standardization of technology, but also to inform everyone about the scale and trends of the machine vision market in Japan and future forecasts.
In order to more accurately grasp the market trends and market size in Japan, we collect specific numerical data for each category and publish it as a statistical booklet while observing confidentiality.

Public Relations

Participation in exhibitions, holding seminars, and publishing publications to disseminate standardization standards are also important roles at the JIIA.
The Steering Committee will promote these support and realization.
In this subcommittee, we will build a network between members, manage and operate the homepage to widely disseminate various information, and provide fair and useful information and public relations in cooperation with media companies and experts inside and outside the industry. We are doing activities.

Collaboration Advancement

JIIA wants to expand the opportunities for JIIA members to obtain information on new markets and technologies through collaboration and exchanges with other organizations in the industry from the trend toward IIoT in the world toward Connected Industry, then we have strengthened cooperation with other organizations.
We will investigate and analyze the industries in Japan, especially the organizations that seem to have the needs of Machine Vision, explore which organizations we should deepen cooperation with, and aim to provide a new place for exchange for JIIA members.